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Why you need One Rule Improv Training Programs:

As the Director of a Behavioral Health Program or as a School Leader
you know...

  • Working with trauma is not easy or intuitive for most people. Your staff needs training, and while trainings on trauma can be deep and complex, all staff still needs a simple accessible tool to have with them at all times.

  • Your purpose is to serve people who suffer from the effects of trauma, but many of your staff may be dealing with similar issues as well bringing with them their own boundaries and unknown trigger points. With the staff’s own struggles in connecting, communicating or building relationships, this can exacerbate the challenge in creating a trauma responsive environment that provides a sense of safety, acceptance, empathy, and joy.

  • Training programs often target only one department at a time, stretching the budget even more so and leaving little for training that would help improve the overall communication, culture and outcomes of your organization.

Make Improv Your Own?

  • Research Based and Trauma Informed:
    Make Improv Your Own uses the One Rule Improv approach which has been use for over two decades in trauma informed environments and has been validated in a recently published study.

    DeMichele, M., & Kuenneke, S. (2021). Short-form, comedy improv affects the functional connectivity in the brain of adolescents with complex developmental trauma as measured by qEEG: A single group pilot study. NeuroRegulation, 8(1), 2±13. https://doi.org/10.15540/nr.8.1.2
  • Reduce Turnover, Incidents, and Improve Student/Client Outcomes:
    This research based approach, helps move your clients/students and staff from whatever mental/neurobiological state they are in to one where they are better able to engage in healthy interpersonal relationships, treatment and education.

  • Strengthen Culture:
    Creative a supportive and positive culture when you use improv to facilitate discussions when meeting with employees, student, clients and families.

  • Save on Resources:
    The practice of improv requires no equipment or materials. It can be implemented anywhere with small (two or more) or large groups, virtually or in person. And in residential settings, it can be done in the unit/home with the population.

  • Ideal Learning Interface:
    Provide your staff with a training experience designed so they achieve a sense of ownership of this impactful tool. Designed specifically to simulate live training and enhance comprehension with video, exercises and downloadable tools, each Module is designed with respect to learning styles and structured to promote mastery of a specific skill set each week.

  • Monitor Progress & Record Training Hours:
    Monitor your teams progress with timely reports. Log their training hours with Certificates of Completion.

  • 24/7 Access:
    Accessible anytime on any web-enabled device to accommodate individual schedules.

Meet The Founder and Instructor

Mary DeMichele

How can improv be less overwhelming and scary for absolute beginners? This is the question that has defined the 25-year career of Mary DeMichele. Mary is a coach, consultant, and author whose work in education, clinical and professional setting has helped thousands of people take those first critical steps in the world of improv. She first applied improv in her classroom and then school-wide over twenty years ago to wonderful effect. In recent years, she has systematically implemented improv in a clinical and educational setting that serves preteen and teenage students who suffer from complex development trauma/early childhood trauma.

Mary is featured in the documentary, Act Social- Using YES AND to Save the World from Within, starring Collin Mochrie of the television show Whose Line Is It Anyway. There she discusses her work and research with teens with developmental trauma. This ground breaking study, Short-Form, Comedy Improv Affects the Functional Connectivity in the Brain of Adolescents with Complex Developmental Trauma, published by the Journal of NeuroRegulation, reveals the positive neurobiological impact of improv.

Meet Mary and learn more about how our training programs can help your company or organization.

Training Program Options

  • Course 1: Make Improv Your Own

    This 7 Module video- based training will enable your staff to bring the benefits of improv into their work as they are equipped to design and implement their own improv sessions to work specifically within their work space.
    A Certificate of Completion can be earned.

  • Course 2: Make Improv Your Own
    -Facilitator Certification

    Bring a greater sense of community, cause and momentum by adding a customized in person or online coaching, consulting and evaluation package, to the already convenient format of the 7 Module online training.
    Certified Facilitator Training Certificate based on evaluation can be earned.

  • Course 3: Make Improv Your Own
    -Train the Trainer

    If you are interested in sustaining your program over time as new staff are hired, you may choose to have some or all of your Improv Facilitators to continue their training to become certified In House Trainer. This training includes one-on-one and group coaching, consulting, and evaluation as well as, a Trainer’s Tool kit.
    Certified Trainer's Certificate can be earned based on evaluation.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Will my staff really be able to learn improv?

    Absolutely. The One Rule Improv approach, as it simplifies the process of learning and teaching improv, makes improv accessible to the beginner, whether they may be outgoing or introverted. It is carefully designed, so that each module is built off the one before, allowing you time to experience and apply what you learn before moving on to the next.

  • How long is the course? Is it manageable?

    This course was designed with working professionals in mind. Each module is designed so you have the time to learn, practice and begin to apply how to learn, teach and apply improv each week before moving on to the next module. Each module presents new information in a single, focused, and concise video about the length of a Ted Talk (15-20 min). Exercises and Activities that will help you practice and apply that Module’s focus can be done in just a couple of minutes at a time, when your schedule allows throughout that week.

  • I am worried that when doing improv, a person might be emotionally triggered/upset.

    There are many improvisational games and activities that utilize situational role-playing activities, are not framed by the rule of “Yes, and…” or don’t feature collaboration as a central theme. These are the types of activities that may trigger someone emotionally.

    In contrast, this program uses collaborative short-form improv games framed by “Yes, and…” which are inherently collaborative and thus helps individuals achieve a more neurologically balanced state. Players move into a better mental state, are focused on the present and are highly unlikely to be emotionally triggered by the structure of the games.

  • How does enrollment work?

    When you enroll in Make Improv Your Own you will receive immediate access to the course. An email providing you direction on how to set up your password and account.

  • What else will I need to purchase after I sign up?

    Absolutely nothing. Everything you need will be provided.

  • If I have other questions, how do I ask them?

    You can send us an email at [email protected] and someone from our team will be in contact within 24 hours.

  • Are there other resources available?

    Yes. The Improv Video Library will be available with a membership after the completion of the Make Improv Your Own Online Course. This resources includes improv games presented in video format and supported with written resources that follow the One Rule Improv approach.

What Others Are Saying...

" A must for integrating effective experiential therapies."

Rob Gent, M.A., LPC.
Chief Clinical Officer, Embark Behavioral Health

One Rule Improv is simply the best way to understand how to transform lives using the process and power of improv. As a psychotherapist, I consider this a must for integrating effective experiential therapies.

Great for culturally responsive teaching"

Susan Yardley-Vagnino, Teacher

I think One Rule Improv is great for culturally responsive teaching. It is a great way to allow everyone to contribute where they are and everyone has an equal role. I tied it to intrinsic motivation to engage and work cooperatively, collaboratively, while developing listening skills and opening up imagination.

"Bridge those relationships"

Kathy Abeln, MA, LPC
Pre-teen Clinical Director-Calo PreTeens

One Rule Improv has been an amazing intervention for our preteen students! Kids with developmental trauma have significant struggles with relationships and communication. Improv is a way students can bridge those relationship and healing can occur.

"a safe and supportive environment to explore and learn."

Layla Thurman, HR Assistant Director

Although I love to perform and am used to learning a script, I'm an introvert and thought improv would be terrifying![ One Rule Improv] not only makes the process tremendous fun, but also provides a safe and supportive environment to explore and learn.

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