One Rule Improv's approach promotes positive neurobiological change

helping people better engage with themseleves, others, and life,
while simultaneously
developing the following skills and benefits

Leadership Skills
Decrease in anxiety
Decrease in oppositional thinking
Access Flow State
And much more…

Improv is Amazing!

  • Neurobiological benefits and social-emotional skill development, parralling treatment needs and essential skill development

  • No props, materials, or resources needed

  • Benefits develop simultaneously and without extra effort when following One Rule Improv approach

  • Can be done anytime and anywhere, as little to no additional space is required

  • Can be integrated with curricular or relevant content to further sustain benefits

  • Works with as little as 2 people, as well well as groups of all sizes



HOWEVER, We know that while this is true if IMPROV is NOT played, taught, or lead with a firm aunderstanding of the process of improv, as well trauma-informed and brain-based facilitation strategies, the BENEFITS you seek WILL NOT t be ACHIEVED.

Why One Rule Improv Delivers the Benefits of Improv?

  • Simplifies the process of improv and instruction helping everyone feel comfortable and confident as they learning to play, share, and apply improv.

  • Focusses on key facilitation strategies to help you create a trauma responsive experience for all.

  • Supported by two peer reviewed and published research articles,including groundbreaking brain research.

  • Developed and practiced for over two decades in classroom, clinical and community settings.

  • Applicable to learning, teaching, and applying improv in all industries, disciplines and environments.

What others are saying:

" A must for integrating effective experiential therapies."

Rob Gent, M.A., LPC.
Chief Clinical Officer, Embark Behavioral Health

One Rule Improv is simply the best way to understand how to transform lives using the process and power of improv. As a psychotherapist, I consider this a must for integrating effective experiential therapies.

Great for culturally responsive teaching"

Susan Yardley-Vagnino, Teacher

I think One Rule Improv is great for culturally responsive teaching. It is a great way to allow everyone to contribute where they are and everyone has an equal role. I tied it to intrinsic motivation to engage and work cooperatively, collaboratively, while developing listening skills and opening up imagination.

"Bridge those relationships"

Kathy Abeln, MA, LPC
Pre-teen Clinical Director-Calo PreTeens

One Rule Improv has been an amazing intervention for our preteen students! Kids with developmental trauma have significant struggles with relationships and communication. Improv is a way students can bridge those relationship and healing can occur.

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